Increasing Foyal Appeal

You?ve heard of curb appeal. It refers to the good impression buyers tend to get when they first see your house ?from the curb?. The greater the curb appeal, the more enticing your house will seem.

But there?s another type of appeal you may not be aware of: Foyer appeal. That?s the impression buyers get when they first walk in the door.

Think of what happens when someone visits your house for the first time. Chances are, they stand in the foyer for a few moments, look around, and take in the view of your house from that perspective.

That?s why, if you?re preparing your property for sale, it?s important to make the foyer look as attractive and inviting as possible.

Obviously, you want to make sure it?s clean and free of clutter. You don?t want potential buyers to trip over shoes or catch a glimpse of an over-stuffed coat closet.

If you have a welcome mat, make sure it?s clean and in good shape. Or, better still, buy a new one.

Finally, make sure that the rooms that can be seen from the foyer look attractive.

The impression you want to make is, ?Wow. I can?t wait to see the rest of the house!?

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