How Much Could You Save?

Savings Based On Sale Of A $400,000 House
Stone Path Realty Traditional Brokerage
Total Commission As Low As 4.5% of Sales Price 6.5% of Sales Price
$18,000 $26,000
Stone Path Realty's Added Value
Full Agent Representation
Professional Market Analysis
Open Houses
Listed On MLS &
All Other Real Estate Websites
Staging Advice Depends On The Agent
Full Color Yard Sign and Brochure Box Depends On The Agent
Professional Photographs
(Aerial Photos Also Available)
Depends On The Agent
Extensive Email & Facebook Marketing Depends On The Agent
Customized Marketing Books
(Stone Path Realty Exclusive)
Interior Walking Tour
(Stone Path Realty Exclusive)
Roadmap To Selling
(Stone Path Realty Exclusive)
23 Point Sales & Marketing Plan
(Stone Path Realty Exclusive)
Total Savings You SAVE $8,000 Or More
On The Sale Of Your Home!

And with our exclusive 23 Point Sales and Marketing Plan, we can show you how you can make $15,000- $20,000 more on the sale of your home.